I have worked with Louis for 21 years. His ability to listen well, educate you on the workings of the law and then discuss potential options available is extraordinary.

That feeling of “concern” especially as a business leader, over the potential liability that legal issues can cause–may keep you up at night. Working with Louis minimized those sleepless nights and most importantly contributed to not only ensuring proactive policies that protected my business but minimized exposures to legal risks.

– Susan S. former CEO and President of a Washington credit union.

The Urban Manufacturing Alliance is a young organization that is in the midst of examining its bylaws and board procedures. Louis has advised us carefully and thoroughly every step of the way. He has supported us extensively as we’ve developed agreements with our partners, and along the way he has helped UMA think about its broader organizational strategy. Louis has a way of breaking down legal issues and making them accessible to all involved. He has become an invaluable advisor to both our staff and board of directors. We count ourselves very lucky to be working with him on such a broad range of projects.

– Lee W, Executive Director

I am a third generation business owner. I came into my role with very little management experience. I have leaned on Louis over the past 10 years whenever a major human resource issue has come up at our company. He has always responded immediately and helped walk me through each issue. They are always unique, no HR issue is ever the same. He helps me look at all the sides and walks me through the options and the outcomes of those options. This helps me make the best decision for our company. Because of those decisions we have a great company environment.

– Sarah B., CEO and President of a new and used commercial trucks parts company.